Calendar of Upcoming Colorado Workshops & Events

We encourage you to join us in using sacred sexual techniques to explore new areas for healing, self-discovery, & embracing life!  These sacred techniques include areas of Intimacy Coaching, Tantra, and Wellness & Energy Healing, 

We believe in upholding the laws and we do not condone anything improper or illegal.

Know of an event that is related to any sex-positive class including: tantra, Quodouhska, Healing Tao, male or female sexuality, or couples sexuality, then add it here.Events are subjet to approval.

3 Days Of Tantra
Let's Spend The Weekend Together
Oct 21-22, 2017

Curious about Tantra?

Intrigued by alchemy of combined Sexuality & Spirituality?

Know there's more to sex and that Tantric practice holds this knowledge?

Join us for

3 Days of Tantra Autumn 2017

A time to start to emerge from late summer into crisp, entrancing and exciting new worlds of sexuality and spirituality to take you into the new year.

Together with some of my favorite Tantrikas, each with years of dedication and passion for sharing Tantric practice, I'll be hosting a Tantric weekend - Friday nite, Saturday all day, Sunday morning to early afternoon at a beautiful private home complete with Deck, Hot Tub, ample Kitchen and Living Room Spaces for our 3 Days of Tantra Fall 2017 Tantric Community, Celebration, Practice - Let’s Spend the Weekend Together


easy access to Pagosa Springs world class Geothermal Hot Springs springs and exhilarating fall foliage hiking trails and Downtown - options for your free time.

Come join us for Tantric Community, Celebration, Practice...and sensuous nourishing Brunches on Saturday and Sunday ( all organic and local ).

We will uncover, discover Tantric practices in a spacious, safe, serene environment at paces that resonate with each individual soon after. We will begin with you as you are today, with the desire to know yourself better, to open up to the joy of loving, also to understand and enjoy your sexuality, source of life and ecstasy, a sacred path of evolution presented with respect, joy and love,

Suitable for mature adults. Must be 18 - 80 to participate. Singles and Couples of all sexual expression welcome. Some Tantric experience recommended. Single women are assured of sovereignty and may feel exceedingly comfortable in participating.


Many singles and couples attend, partnering among singles happens with great ease, life long friendships are often forged.

Be assured that as with all my workshops, this event is safe, enjoyable & excitingly expansive with no need for any level of nudity or actual sexual interaction in its sessions.

That's the homework!

What to Bring:

Sarongs, comfortable Workout or Yoga Clothes, clothes you can move in freely and enjoy wearing. Hiking boots and a Bathing Suit for the Hot Tub. Your favorite Zafu, Pillow, Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, Sacred Object for our altar.

Note: Teas, Ciders, Healthy Snacks will be available all weekend.

What to Expect:

Experiences offered are based on solid tools to guide you to a deepening of the relationship to oneself and toward a new approach to sexuality through the revival of humanistic psychology, recent discoveries in sexology, meditation and inspiration of tantric wisdom from myriad masters

What They're Saying:

"3 Days of Tantra Spring 2015 gave me a kick in the butt toward more ecstasy. I feel like I'm on the path again. Am looking forward to Fall." RW - Boulder, C

"I feel blessed to have been inspired by all .. I am excited to know the depths of such profound beautiful teachings. This was my 1st tantra experience with my seventy fours of grace. I look forward to being with you all January 2016 in Yelapa " AG - Santa Fe, NM / Mexico

" I felt safe and comfortable as a single woman sharing in 3 Days of Tantra -Spring 2017 " MF - Santa Fe, NM "

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend" DM - Denver, CO

"It was worth the trip from San Fran. We had an ecstatic time." Jules and Kelly San Francisco. CA

Lodging, Walking, and Biking Logistics:

We'll be located just outside the heart of Downtown Pagosa Springs and its many ancient healing Hot Springs.

On Site Lodging:

Our Spacious Private Home has space for 20+ to sleep over at a minimal addtional cost. More on this soon.

Air BnB has ample lodging options within seconds too. Look for those walking distance to downtown Pagosa Springs. There are many. Make your reservations ASAP.

Closeby Hotels.

Plenty of Bike Racks and Parking are available for locals.

Message me here for payment mailing address & to tell me if you're interested in staying at the house so I can put you on my list for details.

First come First served.

Additional $$$ due depending on the room(s) you select

Here's our 3 Days of Tantra Fall 2017 Agenda

Friday October 20th

7:00 - 8:00 Welcome,Orientation, Agenda, Introductions, Music, Free Movement


8:30 - 10:00 Evening - Session #1

Closing Circle

Late Night

Drifting off to bed to dream Tantric dreams perhaps after a dip in the hot tub, star gazing on our deck or a stroll to nearby destinations .t.

Saturday October 21st

Awaken to the soft morning light spilling over the mountains or enjoy it on your or walk or drive to our gathering place.

7:00 - 9:00 Breakfast - Lavish buffet breakfast with organic and gluten-free choices, all locally-sourced where ever possible. Sharing in this breakfast is your choice, you may just want to come hang out, hot tub, or walk the local trail. One of many quiet comfortable ways to sink deeper into community with your 3 Days of Tantra companions.

9:00 - 10:30 Morning - Session #2


10:30- 12:00 Morning - Session 3 Relax into this informative presentation that creates ease and sheds light on the connection between alternative forms of sexuality, sexual energy and Tantra.

12:00 - 1:00 Break

1:00 - 2:30 Afternoon - Session #3 .


2:30 - 4:00 pm Afternoon - Session #4

Our gathering place is situated in the center of one of the most fascinating areas of Colorado's Western Slope. Should you choose to stay at the house during this break you’ll have access to our nearby Trail, Deck, Lounge Areas, Hot Tub.

Begins at 9:00pm - Body Puja - Worshiping Your Body as a Temple plus optional Late Night Hilarious Tantric Film - The Guru

Drifting off to bed to dream Tantric dreams perhaps after a dip in yet another hot spring, star gazing on the deck or a stroll to nearby destinations.

Sunday October 23rd

Awaken one more time for this weekend to autumns morning light spilling over the western slope or enjoy it on your drive, walk or bike ride to our gathering place.

7:00 - 9:00 Breakfast - Todays lavish buffet breakfast will offer new organic options and gluten-free choices, all locally-sourced where ever possible. Sharing in this breakfast is your choice. One of many quiet comfortable ways to sink deeper into community with your 3 Days of Tantra companions.

9:00 - 10:30 Morning - Session #5


10:30 - 12:00 Morning- Session #6

12:00 - 1:00 - Break

1:00 - 3:00 -Afternoon Session # 7, Farewells, Announcements, Music, Closing Circle

$447.00 Individual Early Bird available thru August 20

$497.00 past August 20

$747.00 Couple Early Bird available thru August 20

$797 past August 20

Message me here for payment mailing address & tell me if you're interested in staying at the house so I can chat with you about whats still available.

1st come 1st served.

Space in our spacious private gathering place is limited.

$75 -$100 per night depending on which space you pick and/or availability


Judith aka Bliss

Judith Anne Condon

More questions? I love questions. Message me here

Judith Anne Condon

Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Spacious Private Home
City/State: Pagosa Springs, CO
Organizer: Journeys to Tantric Bliss
Phone: 303 520 8829
Cost: $447.00 - $997.00
Early Cost: August 20th = $447.00

Sacred Sexuality And Conscious Loving For Couples
A Weekend Journey Into Intimacy And Love
Nov 17-19, 2017

Do you feel that there may be more to love than you are experiencing?
Are you ready to deepen your relationship together to enjoy more pleasure and create more connection?
We offer this workshop as an opportunity for you to journey deeper into your relationship as a loving couple.
Share a weekend learning Tantra and merging with your < less
During this Love Retreat…..
~ Experience the power of Tantric Practices and Conscious Loving
~ Explore giving and receiving Sacred Spot Healing
~ Awaken Orgasmic Pleasure in ways you’ve dreamed about
~ Learn Ejaculatory Choice for sexual pleasure, health, & vitality
……and much more….
Offered in a safe and sacred fully clothed space.

Time: Fri: 6 - 10pm. Sat and Sun: 10am - 6pm
Location: Private Home
City/State: Niwot, CO
Organizer: Dawn Beck of Tantric Sacred Journeys
Phone: 720 333-7978
Cost: $795 per Couple. Includes catered lunch on Sat and Sun
Early Cost: $750 if Paid in Full by Sept 17