Sacred Sex and Tantra Video Courses

Itís not always practical to take a class. You might want more privacy, you might want a program you can review again and again, or you might want something sooner than the next class available. In this section, we review some resources you can use.

Authentic Sexual Power DVD Set
Authentic Sexual Power (This video is for Men Ö women, your partner might like it)

At $435, Authentic Sexual Power isnít for everyone. But if youíre serious about your sexual relationships, and accessing your masculine sexual energy, you definitely want this program.

It isnít actually a tantra video. Rather, it incorporates the best of Sacred Sex and Menís Training, and it addresses far more than the breathing and touching practices presented in most tantric videos.

With 11 (seriously Ė ELEVEN!!) packed DVDs and CDs, it trains you to clear the blocks to your raw sexual power and connection Ö to awaken your partnerís desire (or, if you prefer, to attract a new partner) Ö and to how to leave a woman feeling deeply appreciated and honored.

And of course, it also includes seriously advanced pleasuring techniques for bringing a woman intense pleasure and orgasm, with really detailed explanations and (appropriately explicit) video.

Highly recommended!

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Sacred Ceremony of Lovemaking DVD
The Sacred Ceremony of LoveMaking

If you want to learn about bringing sacred experiences into your lovemaking, you should check The Sacred Ceremony of LoveMaking.

This DVD was created here in Colorado by two of our leading Colorado Tantrikas, Jane and Andy. (And, just so you know, weíd recommend this even if we didnít adore its creators so much!)

The Sacred Ceremony of LoveMaking shows you, step-by-step, how to create a Sacred Ceremony for yourself and your partner. Itís appropriately explicit Ė teaching you step by step ways to deeply touch your partnerís body and soul.

Heads-Up: If you want this video, itís almost as simple as clicking on a link, but not quite. Our link (below) will take you to a page where Jane talks first about her services. To get to the video, just scroll down, and youíll find the information.

Learn more about The Sacred Ceremony of LoveMaking (just remember to scroll DOWN!).